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Publishers Total Book Services

Many independent and group magazine publishers have accumulated valuable editorial material and a built-in audience to create and publish a book or a line of books.  If you are such a publisher, looking to establish a line of books as an ancillary product to your core business of magazine publishing, PTBS can provide valuable assistance. 

PTBS has the contacts that you need to bring your self-published book to market.  Working with chain retailers and magazine wholesalers, PTBS can set up your book distribution and work with you to market it using all the tools at your disposal:  your existing audience, your web presence, and your track record already established, through your periodicals, in the bookstore market.


PTBS will set up your distribution arrangement with a magazine wholesaler, present your title to the major bookstore chains, and work with you to develop a complete marketing and promotions program for your book line.


  • Contacts are already established through PTBS
  • PTBS can work with you on your book launch schedule, showing what is necessary from your end every step of the way
  • PTBS will show you how to leverage your existing readership, your web resources, and your press contacts to maximize the exposure of your book


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