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Magazine Cover Clinics Now Available

To help you maximize the impact of your magazine cover, pull readers in, and increase sales on the newsstand we now offer the Magazine Cover Clinic.


Led by cover expert Linda Ruth, author of the PTSS Special Reports, including How to Create a Successful Magazine Cover and creator of the popular Ways to Win Workshops, the Magazine Cover Clinic is a practical approach to creating cutting-edge covers. The cover clinic is an indispensable tool for publishers planning a launch, involved in a re-design, or simply looking to find what works in their particular category.


Linda Ruth has worked to improve magazine covers with many major publishers including Aspire Media, Barrons, Future Network USA, Harris Publishing, IDG, and Yankee Publishing. She has taught at Folio: the Show, the Circulation Management Conference, and the Publishers Summit.


Set up Your Clinic Now

Her Magazine Cover Clinic is offered as a half-day on site for an entire publishing team, or virtually via teleconference.


To participate please send two years worth of publication covers and sales (include your competitors’ if possible) to PTSS and we’ll schedule the clinic for you.



Cost of half day on site cover retreat: $2500 plus travel

Cost of cover analysis and recommendations: $750 per title (includes review of up to two competitive titles)


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