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“PSCS has a level of knowledge, experience, professionalism, accountability and a strong work ethic that, in my experience, is unmatched and unique in the newsstand industry.”
—Sherin Wight, Publisher, The Old Farmer's Almanac

“...[PSCS are] experts in the field and have relationships with all of the important players. We wouldn't have the same results without them. It's like having a staff of newsstand experts on board without the overhead.”
—Bonnie Welsh-Carrol, VP of Circulation, Technology Review



Publishers Single Copy Sales Services

PSCS is a full-service single copy sales company, serving as an off-site newsstand sales department for client publishers, handling all aspects of magazine sales, from contract negotiations to marketing and distribution work; from wholesaler magazine distribution to retail sales by store.  PSCS can handle testing, reporting, and promotions; marketing, budgeting and spreadsheet reporting, wholesaler and national distributor liaison. PSCS works in mass market and specialty channels, domestically and internationally.  PSCS’ systems of tracking and analysis are sophisticated and effective. 


PSCS’ strength is in its outsourcing relationships with publishers.  Based on these outsourcing relationships, PSCS can provide services less expensively and more effectively than would be possible for publishers to duplicate in-house. 


PSCS can work strategically and operationally, on a management level and on the level of day to day implementation.  PSCS personnel can work directly with your staff to train them in all aspects of single copy sales management.



Publishers Single Copy Sales Services is capable of being or supplementing your single copy sales department with successful experience and knowledge in the areas of:


  • Enhance your magazines’ retail sales and profitability
  • Reach a wider potential readership
  • Widen your penetration in key retail chains
  • Improve brokerage and terms of your most important contracts
  • Expand your overseas distribution
  • Get the most benefit from the wholesaler and retailer consolodation


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