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Put your newsstand information on autopilot with the
most advanced newsstand systems available



Publishers Total Information Services

Through the genius of Barry Ross, PTIS provides software reporting system solutions to meet your business management needs. Barry has developed and offers one of the most advanced newsstand systems available which has been successfully installed in major publishing companies.

Blending the best of database and spreadsheet technology, this system empowers the publisher to analyze large quantities of data with ease. The Newsstand System is a comprehensive newsstand reporting, analysis, and accounting system geared to meet the publisher's needs. The system features a standardized reporting interface in which all people in the organization can access the data from the staff level to the executive level.

By downloading data directly from your national distributor, the online interactive system provides:

  • Draw/sale reporting,
  • RDA reporting,
  • Competitive reporting
  • Weekly sales forecasting based upon return flow,
  • Reforcasts, budget and actuals,
  • Wholesaler and retailer information and more...


Barry Ross provides a superlative data system backed by professional service from beginning to end. Each publishing company's system is customized for that company's specific needs.Full training is provided during the change over followed by online support. Each week, live data is downloaded from the national distributor, reconciled and made available through the online interface.


  • Hard copy and pivot table reporting at your fingertips
  • Now have all your newsstand infomation in one place
  • No more trying to reconcile seperate sales and accounting systems
  • Data is easily retrieved via user friendly interfaces
  • A proven system that saves and makes money for the publisher
  • Reduce analysis time from days to minutes.


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