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Reach new specialty retailers through telemarketing

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"Starvision did a great job expanding my direct-to-retail distribution-even
helping me find the right list."
—Ned Bixler,
Associate Publisher
Maple Gate Media



Publishers Total Telemarketing Services

Reaching the most targeted market of potential readers through the specialty market is one of the greatest challenges, and one of the greatest opportunities, that a publisher faces. The browser that picks up a music magazine in a music store is likely to be an impassioned reader, a potential subscriber, and more interested and responsive to the ads in the magazine than someone who picks up the magazine elsewhere. Developing this specialty market, as all publishers know, takes commitment and time. Now Publishers Total Telemarketing Services can partner with magazine publishers to create a dynamic specialty channel to increase the targeted sale of magazines.


Located in Middlebury, Vermont, PTTS' telemarketing arm, Starvision, focuses on specialty magazine distribution. A team of trained professionals, Starvision takes the time to get to know your magazine and target audience. When they structure your customized program, they take into account the retailers in the field, the size of the potential market, and the expected placement and retention of retailers in that market. Starvision will compile lists of specialty retailers unique to your industry. Every proposal is tailored to your needs, and includes financial projections of costs and revenues. You will see what your investment and reward is likely to be over the course of the marketing effort.


Your magazine is then promoted to each retailer by experienced telemarketing specialists. Each agent is a trained professional, unique for their enthusiasm and excitement at being part of your project.


Once placement has been made, you can handle the distribution in house, or set it up through Ingram Periodicals, who is in partnership with Starvision to handle the shipping, billing, and returns processing of these titles.



Starvision will design and implement your program soup to nuts, from implementation through execution. This begins with analysis of the title and the market, and the selection and recommendation of specific retailer lists. Along with the proposal is the financial analysis showing costs and estimated return. Over the course of the sales effort you will receive periodic updates, with the option to extend based on the success of the ongoing effort.


After the program you have the option of working with Ingram Periodicals to implement the fulfillment of copies to the new retail stores.


  • Increase circulation through the specialty market
  • Lists are identified by Starvision, saving your time and money
  • Reach your target audience not a generic list of retailers
  • Option for cost-effective fulfillment through Ingrams Periodicals at pre-negotiated established rate


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