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Publishers Total Web Marketing Services

You have a great web site with lively content and good traffic but are disappointed in the revenue it is producing. What to do? 

PTWS will work with you to create a web strategy that increases traffic, conversion and revenue.

Specializing in educational marketing, the approach that has proven most successful for magazine, book, and newsletter publishers, PTWS will work with you to take your web site to a new level.


PTWS can work with you to create web page design, conversion architecture, search marketing, and e-marketing solutions. We can:

  • Improve your web traffic
  • Strengthen your conversion architecture
  • Create e-marketing programs
  • Build product sales

In addition, we work with the best internet service providers to meet your marketing needs. Recommendations may include:

  • Content management solutions: to increase flexibility and reduce the cost of website updates
  • Search engine optimization: finding the most effective and least costly solution to meet your e-traffic needs
  • E-marketing solutions: increasing the ability for list segmentation and targeted marketing


  • More effective monetization of website
  • Improved traffic for increased sales and brand effectiveness
  • Building lists to provide base of targeted customers
  • Building relationships and increasing customer loyalty


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